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11 Tips New Players Need to Know About Panini Blitz or Dunk

I have a love - hate relationships with these apps. I love the card designs. This is what has given Panini the edge over other card manufacturers despite a lot valid complaints about the company. I love how easy it is to trade cards compared to physical. I love opening packs while I’m waiting for a dentist appointment. I really love the contests because I’m a DFS player. I enjoy playing on pack battle and card hunter occasionally.

I hate that the app is sometimes buggy and gets overloaded. I hate when they don’t have enough filters to find numbered cards. I hate when they constantly change mystery box where it goes from OP to easy to super hard to easy to impossible. I hate when something goes wrong when I order packs and I have to deal with support.

Still, for me, as a huge sports fan and physical card collector, the positives of digital cards outweigh the negatives. People like to complain on the app messages but I find the issues tolerable.

If you are new to these apps, there isn’t a great place to find info. Hopefully you can find it here. This post is a good place to learn a few helpful tips to getting the most out of this app.

#1 - There isn’t a physical card tied to the digital card

There was a rumor going around that there is a physical version of a digital card kept at Panini. This is not the case. Its probably a mix up with the blockchain cards which is actually the digital information of a physical card that is put on a blockchain while the actual physical card is held in a vault. Not the case with these Dunk and Blitz cards.

The digital cards on this app are just digital. You have no right to any physical card.  You have to use the app to acquire cards and view your collection. At this time, there is no way to take the cards out of the app. It is a closed system.

As you can see the cards are based on the same style as physical cards. The designs are the same or very similar.  They even take high resolution photographs of patch cards.  But in the end, digital cards are digital only.

#2 - Using Hard Covers and Sleeves

You don’t use hard covers or sleeves in your collection. The only use is to capture cards in card hunter.  If you select the card hunter button, you can run around areas in the real world and click on the pedestals to capture those cards.  It's like an augmented reality feature.

Hard covers are used to capture inserts. Sleeves are used to capture common cards. If you play the daily free mystery box game and you spin the wheel often, then you will end up with lots of hard covers and sleeves.

You can also get free hard covers and sleeves every 6 hours using the bottom button on the card hunter interface.

Pro tip: If you click on the card and its a player you don’t like, you can hit the back arrow at the top left. You don’t have to harvest the card if you don’t want it.

using hard covers sleeves blitz dunk
how to use panini search

#3 Find the Hidden search boxes

There are several hidden search boxes on this app.

Whenever you see a list of cards or users, there is usually a search function that can be uncovered. You will find this when looking at cards in auction, viewing collections, looking at cards to make trades and looking at lists of in game user names.

When you are one of these screens, simply hold and drag down the let go anywhere on the screen and the search box will show up on top.

This allows you to search for players or search for in game users to follow.

Pro Tip: I picked a really short name (RZ) and it is hard to hard to find me in player search. The search is poor and does not take into account starting letters of your name. If you search for any short name use the name plus a space (RZ plus a space and I will usually show up in the top 100).

#4 Numbered Cards Are Important

The strongest demand is always for top players but digital card traders really want numbered cards. Panini can easily duplicate digital cards, so collectors are after the cards they limit.

You get high prices for good player cards limited to 10. You get decent prices when limited to 25 and still get thousands of coins for cards limited to 100. Usually only the top players get good prices on cards limited to 500 or 1000. Unfortunately, non-numbered cards are not worth much in auction. Though they have value to set collectors.

Keep this in mind if you are offering trades or people are offering you trades. You are going to trade numbered cards for numbered cards. Usually the same or similar card count works better. If you try to trade a bunch of free cards or commons for someone elses of 1 of 10 Lebron James, you will end up getting yourself instablocked.

find numbered cards by sorting multiplier

#5 Finding My Numbered Cards in Collections

There is no perfect way to find numbered cards because you cannot filter by card count. However, you can use 2 filters to help. Power Ranking and Multiplier.

Cards with high power ranking and multiplier tend to be the lowest numbered cards. You will get similar but slightly different results between the two.

However, this always works best when you also select a collection. Each collection has a different range of multiplier and power ranking. For example, the Flawless and National Treasures tend to have the highest range of multiplier so the low CC cards max around 30X.

2019 Donruss has a low range of multipliers and the low CC cards have a max multiplier of 17X. 2019 Prizm has a max multiplier of 20X. So if you search your entire collection you tend to see the highest value pack multipliers up top. Just be aware of this if you you are looking for low CC cards from other packs

#6 - The Many Ways to Earn Coin

The best way to increase your collection is to earn coins then use that coin to buy auction cards or coin packs. You can earn coin doing the following:

  • Daily login reward just for opening the app.
  • Rewards claim 250 coins every 4 hours.
  • Spin the wheel every 1 hour as you can win small coin pots.
  • Free mystery box spin every 24 hours.
  • There are simple quests that offer rewards
  • You get bonus coins for achievements like completing collections, trades, card hunter and pack battle wins.
  • Watch videos or hit the offer wall and get 100 coins each. This is found in the coin store section at the top. (see image)

Obviously you can also earn other freebies such as hard cases, sleeves, VIP diamonds and packs.

Pro tip: Get in a habit of playing mystery box every day at the same time. Play mystery box before you do anything else. 50% of the time you’ll get VIP diamonds. Then go click the rewards tab. You will get a bonus of 1.5X coins while on VIP and you’ll also get better spin wheel cards. Always play mystery box and get VIP before buying coin packs so you can buy the VIP coin packs . They are the same as normal coin backs but give you more cards and much better odds to get numbered cards.

earn coins in panini dunk blitz
lebron james 2020 independence day prizm

7. Panini has sales on holidays and thats a great time to load up on VIP packs

A lot of people will spend thousands of coins on packs, but pay attention to the calendar as you can often just wait a few weeks and get a deal.

Panini will offer 25% off coin packs on holiday weekends but sometimes they do a 50% sales.  If you spent 10k, 20k or more on VIP packs, you get double the cards if you wait until they are on sale. It can be the difference in getting enough low CC cards to make a profit in auction.

Panini just had a sale on July 4th. They will likely have another sale on Labor Day. Unless you just can't wait, I'd save up for that weekend.

They also have unique holiday packs available. The last set of holiday cards (Prizm Independence Day seen here )were un-numbered Prizms when you bought the packs. They got numbered after the sale was over. Hopefully that's a trend that continues.

#8 Get Your Customer Appreciation Cards.

Panini gives away packs of cards every day. If I remember correctly, this started after the pandemic shut downs. Possibly to help keep people playing the app.

While it lasts, you can go to the store under the boxes tab and find customer appreciation cards. You get a box each day. The box has 5 packs, so you end up with a ton of cards over the 7 day week. Then each week it resets. Most pople don't buy boxes so they never check that area of the store.

These are actually decent cards. They are great for filling subcollections. They usually have some good inserts and while you normally can’t sell non-numbered cards, you can sometimes get a Zion Williamson or Kyler Murray that will sell or make for a cool collection card.

customer appreciation packs

#9 Contests require current season cards

Contests cards are going to be high multiplier cards from the current season. 2019 for NBA. It will be the new 2020 cards for the NFL this upcoming season. You cannot use old cards in contests.

The way it works is that Panini will introduce new packs throughout the season. At the beginning of the season, they will introduce lower end packs like Donruss and the multiplier caps will be fairly low, but then each new pack, the multipliers get slightly better and this encourages contest players to buy new packs. They are needed to win contests.

Panini will also have weekly packs such as Panini Instant and Fantasy Kings. In the past year, the instant cards had really high multipliers so they were sought after by the contest players.

Obviously this is how they encourage collectors to buy packs.

#10 Pack Battle has free promos

You can get a free pack for pack battle every hour. The card quality is not good, but this can come in handy when you are playing the pack battle tournaments. It also can be used to help finish quests to get extra coins.

Pro Tip: when you play pack battle you sometimes get pitted against other users, but 95% of the time you will battle the CPU. When you get the CPU they have short names with no numbers like “cabbage” or “muffin.” Its usually easy to tell when you are up agains the CPU.

The CPU will always play its lowest power ranking cards first. When the game starts, look at all of your cards to figure out what you have then pick the best 2 stats of your lowest or 2nd lowest power ranking cards. There is a good chance you will beat him as he puts out a really bad card. Then start playing better cards as you go on.  Don't use your best cards early in the game. You’ll get the hang of it. I sometimes will just play a good card on the 3rd or 4th card to make sure I win 3 battles and get the W.

pack battle free promo
redeem promocode panini blitz dunk free cards

#11 There are promo codes for more free cards

You can find some promo codes for free coins. They often come in physical card packs.  If you find a promocode, you can go to the upper left menu button and find link to "redeem promocode." Here are ones I know about:

Promo Codes Dunk


Promo Codes Blitz


Thanks to Hayes and everyone that helped submit these in the Facebook Group. Also user Wnning has shared many of these.  If you happen to find more codes, send me a message and I can add them.

That should Get you started in Panini dunk & Blitz

These tips should help most new players. I bet it took me 3 weeks to figure out how to find the search bar.  I constantly missed the freebies that were always available.

As much as people complain about this app, the one thing they do well is provide an enormous amount of free content.  You can get the 5000 coin bonus to start an account, get rewards and free coins for just using the app. Take advantage of free coins and try to sell the mega stars for a low price (minimum 800 coins so you pay for fees).  Play mystery box, hunt cards, play the pack battle tourney and join the contests you can afford and you will put together a nice collection in no time.  You really don't need to spend real money to have a good collection.

Happy Collecting!