Dunk & Blitz Contests – What You Need to Know

I’m going to try to do my best to explain contests.  Over the last year, I played these contests every day for the NFL and NBA until sports stopped.  I won quite a few, placed in top 5 frequently and I placed high enough to get a reward about half the time.

It has been about 4 months since the pandemic shut us down so I may not be 100% accurate on some details. They might also change things as its been a long time since running contests, so it wouldn't be a bad time to make enhancements. We'll find out soon.

Still, there are lots of people asking questions that I can answer, so here’s an FAQ style blog that should help provide info.

If there is a NBA or NFL game, then Panini will have contests available to join. The contests use a DFS style format (Daily Fantasy Sports). Think DraftKings or FanDuel.  Except these are very different and you use cards from your collection.

The contests on Dunk for the NBA usually start in the evenings, but not always. Blitz will usually have a contest for the Thursday night NFL game, then a contest that covers most Sunday games. They will also have a contest for the Sunday night and Monday night game(s).  

You use your cards to pick players and fill out a lineup. How the player performs will result in points. You can create multiple teams per contest.  Whoever gets the highest score wins the jackpot prize but there are also prizes for people that place (usually they give prizes to top 20 but this changes). 

Prizes almost always include digital VIP packs, VIP diamonds and coins for most contests.  They usually pay out 1st through 20th. 

In the past you will see a fantastic prize for 1st, a great prize for 2nd-5th. A different but good prize for 6th to 10th and then an OK prize for 11th to 20th. 

Sometimes, they actually offer boxes of physical sports cards. I've only seen those on cash entry fees. Obviously prizes are better for placing higher in the contest.

The contests with cash entry or high coin entry (over 10,000 coins) have the best prizes, but no I always recommend looking at the prizes. Sometimes they don't balance them out well and I'd end up playing more cheap contests as I liked the packs they were giving out. 


Here is a publiciation I found from Panini a few years ago on NBA scoring:

  • 1 point scored  = 1 Contest Point
  • 1 rebound = 1.2 Contest Points
  • 1 Assist = 1.5 Contest Points
  • 1 Steal = 3 Contest Points
  • 1 Block = 3 Contest Points
  • 1 Turnover = (-1) Contest Points

I couldn't find anything on the NFL but if I recall the scoring is based on PPR (points per reception) plus yardage and points for TD's. You pick a player for defense but I believe you get team defensive points.  

Hopefully Panini will republish scoring as sports resume. 

Most contests have a Panini coin entry fee.  Usually its fairly low amount under 1000 coins but they do have some higher coin contests.  The higher the entry fee, the higher the multiplier, the better the rewards.  They will often have 1 contest per week that cost real money to enter but its usually under $5 (often $2.99).

Multipliers are used to multiply the players score.

They will often run multiple contests each night. The contests will have a multiplier cap.

That means that all the players combined multipliers must be under the cap.  For example, they might have 3 contests for the evening games such as:

200x multiplier contest for 10,000 coins
100x multiplier contest for 1000 coins
50x multiplier contest for 500 coins

So if you joined the 50x multiplier contest, my team might be

PG Russell Westbrook Donruss 5x
SG Luka Doncic Mosaic 15x
SF Lebron James Prizm 3x
PF Anthony Davis Mosaic 7x
C Joel Embiid Certified 5x
F Pascal Siakam Prizm 5x
G James Harden 5x
W Devin Booker Illusions 3x
W Kyle Lowry Dunk 2x

If you tries using higher multipliers, you would be allowed to submit your team.  

Low multiplier contests are few newer accounts and often can be played with free or cheap cards.  The high multiplier contests usually require a collection of low CC cards to have a chance to win. 

You choose one player in each lineup to be your captain. That player gets a bonus to their multiplier.

You always want to pick the highest multiplier card for a good player to be your captain.  In the NBA, you are looking for 30X Luka Doncic or Lebron James or James Harden. For the NFL, you want a 30X Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. 

So in the lineup above, I’d likely make Luka Doncic my captain.

YES. You can play the exact same player and exact same card in these contests. If you have duplicates of good cards, you can use them. 

You can also play the same player in multiple spots as long as that player has position eligibility.   I believe Luka Doncic has SG and SF eligibility plus guard and the 2 flex spots, so you can 5 Luka Doncic cards on your team.  

So theoretically if you had all 5 of one players Genesis FOTL Mosaic cards that are 30X, you could play that on one team entry. 






You could play a 50X multipler and use a 30X card and a 20X card and leave the rest of the spots blank. The only thing you can't do is play a player out of position or go over the contest multiplier cap.  

Yes.  You will be able to play the top 1-5 players for the slate.  It will be rare to play a deep bench of players that are not normally top 20 DFS scorers.

Just keep in mind that in the NBA playoffs, there are going to be nights with just 1 or 2 games being played. So if the Jazz play the Nuggets, you won’t be able to play Luka, Giannis, Harden, Westy and all the top scorers.

In other words while its good to load up on top NBA scoerers its also good to have a few secondary scorers like Mitchell, and Jokic.