Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Panini created two mobile apps for trading digital sports cards: NBA Dunk and NFL Blitz. The card designs are similar and in some cases identical to the well known Panini brands such as Flawless, Prizm, Absolute, etc.  Users can collect these cards by buying packs, trading with other collectors, getting free rewards cards, winning cards playing app games, card hunter, pack battles and collector auctions.  

Panini's original app was called Gridiron and some of those cards still exist.  Topps has the MLB Bunt App. We currently don't have digital sports cards from that app on this website. 

There is a A LOT more! The advantage of digital cards is that you can play games.  You can currently play the following games:

  • pack battle
  • card hunter
  • mystery box
  • spin wheel
  • game contests (DFS)

Panini has popular in-season game contests using a Daily Fantasy Football (DFS) style rules where you select your cards to create a team and compete against other collectors for prizes.

These prizes usually include high end digital packs for top scores and mid range digital packs for others. They usually will reward top 20 scores. In some contests, Panini will even reward boxes of physical cards. 

The player makes the biggest difference in value. However, since its easy to duplicate a digital card vs. a printed card, most collectors put much more value on limited number digital cards. Many digital cards have a card count (CC) you can see below the card when viewing it in the app or in our photos.  This is why almost all of the cards on this site are limited.

Rookie cards, autograph cards and patch cards will also have more value. Since the auto and patch is not a real signature or  a real game worn piece of jersey or memorabilia, they only add aesthetic value.  

Cards that are part of attainable collections can be more valuable and usually the most recently introduced packs will be more valuable. And lastly, if the card is useful in contests, the card will be more valuable. 

Go here to see more about card value

During the NBA and NFL season, the apps host contests where you can use your cards to play DFS (daily fantasy sports) style games. You play against other collectors as a group (not head to head). 

The games require you to pick cards from your collection for each position. There are usually multiple contests each day. Higher value cards have higher multipliers. the higher the multiplier, the more points you get for that player.  Panini will usually host some contests that require 100-200 in total multipliers and then some easier contests that may only require 50 total multiplier. This allows new collectors to still play the games. 

Yes. In the larger contests, the awards are provided in tiers . 1st place gets a really good prize. 2nd through 5th get a great prize. 6th through 10th get a nice prize and everyone else in the top 20 gets a solid prize. 

Prizes are usually digital card packs, coins and VIP diamonds. For the top prize, you can win some premium VIP packs with low numbered cards. Even just placing in the contest you can sometimes get a pack that draws a nice hit.  

For larger, premium contests, Panini will sometimes provide a box of physical sports cards as a reward!  These are usually money contests that cost $2-$3 to enter.

Go the social tab from the bottom menu.  Then you'll see be the screen for all users.  Swipe down and a hidden search bar shows up.  My IGN is RZ which is hard to find.  If you type RZ plus a space I will usually be there in the top 60 names. I regret picking a small name and didn't expect searches wouldn't be alphabetical. 

No one knows. 

But keep in mind a CryptoKitty digital item sold for $170,000. A Dragon Lore AWP digital skin sold for $61,000.  A Runescape blue party hat sold for $4000.  People are starting to value digital assets. Younger generations are growing up with a phone in their hand and are accustom to putting value on a digital item.

Whether these cards go up in value will depend on several factors.  

Panini's actions likely have the biggest impact. If they introduced contests where they gave away high value physical card boxes, card collectors would flock to this app. If they integrated PayPal (like all the new DFS apps), that would expand marketability.  

Will Panini make cards better? Will we see short video clips in cards? Will we see video captures of handwritten autographs where players mark 1 of 10, 2 of 10 as part of the autograph? 

Consider the ability to tie these cards in so many types of online games, you realize the potential is unlimited.  The ability to make better DFS style games for a booming fantasy sports market could easily be a catalyst for value growth. 

I guess the question is this - Are these digital cards really cheap right now?

This a work in progress as I run a marketing company so as I have time I plan to add content.  My goal is to open a shop and offer low CC cards for sale and I'm in the process of adding that info now.

I'm looking at potentially adding auction software to allow users to create accounts and put their own cards up on auction.  Ebay is a terrible place to sell digital cards so it would be nice to have a trusted site to auction cards without super high fees or even just allow people to put their cards up for sale for longer than the 24 hours you can sell cards on the app. 

I would like to use a soft close auctions to avoid sniping and add Paypal integration.  It depends on site traffic and whether Panini ever integrates a Paypal or another system to sell cards. 

Digital Card Glossary

digital sports cards - cards controlled by user accounts on a mobile app, such as the Panini NBA and NFL apps.

Panini coins - the currency used to buy some cards and auction cards in the Panini apps.

Money packs - packs of cards that you can purchase with real money using your app wallet (such as Google Pay or Apple Pay)

coin packs - packs of cards you can purchase that cost Panini coins.

promo codes- you can find promo codes that give you free cards.  Redeem them in the upper left 3 dot menu.

card hunter - travel around and click on cards to receive free cards out in the wild!

hard covers - used to capture inserts in card hunter.

sleeves - used to capture common cards in card hunter.

quests - You can complete questions to earn coins, hard covers and sleeves.

VIP - you can earn VIP diamonds (hours) that give you VIP access. VIP's get cheaper coin packs and often better odds for rare hits.

multiplier - multiplies the fantasy score of the player in DFS style contests

power ranking - has a minor impact in fantasy scores.  Primary used in pack battles. May have other uses in the future.

pack battle - you open packs against players or the CPU in the app. You pick 2 stats and the sum needs to be better than your opponent.  You play 5 cards and whoever wins at least 3 of 5, gets the win. There are often pack battle tournaments for weekly prizes.

mystery box - a game in the app where you can earn coins, cards, prizes, VIP hours, sleeves (for card hunter).  You get a free entry to mystery box once a day.

spin wheel - you can spin a wheel every hour to get free cards and coins. VIP spin wheels have better cards and prizes.

Sports Card Glossary

auto - cards with player autographs.

base card - the standard card in a pack with no autograph, patch or memorabilia. Not an insert

insert - an extra card that is not part of the standard base set. Usually more rare but not always valuable.  When opening packs these cards will say "rare"

limited - cards with a limited number created. The lower the number the more valuable.  When opening packs these cards will say "super rare."

card count (CC) - the  actual number of the limited cards.  /15 would mean limited to 15 or CC of 15.

rookie card - a card of a player in their 1st year in the league.

RC shield - many rookie cards have a shield icon or logo that says RC as a way to label a card a rookie card.

jersey card or patch card - cards with a piece of  the player jersey. Collectors value multi color patches more than single color patches.

memorabilia card or mem card - card will have a piece of memorabilia on it. Can be a patch but also can be other items like footballs, basketballs or shoestrings.

rookie patch auto (RPA) - rookie cards that have a patch or jersey plus an autograph.

team logo patch - patch cards that have at team,league or player association logo

brand logo patch - patch cards with brands like the Nike swoosh

Laundry tag patch - the patch has the tag from the front of the jersey or back collar of the jersey. Often shows the size of the jersey, manufacturer or washing instructions.  These tags will say "engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes."

hit- when you open a pack and you get a good low numbered card.

box / case break or group break - collectors buy a team or player for a much lower cost than the box and then get that players cards if they are a hit in the break.