How to Buy and Acquire Digital Sports Cards

Digital sports cards sold on this website are used on the Panini Dunk™ NBA Digital Basketball Card mobile app and the Panini Blitz™ NFL Digital Football Card mobile app.

In order to purchase cards you must REGISTER HERE

New accounts must be approved first and will have $100 limit. 

We do not technically "own" the cards.  We have access to the cards on our account, so you are purchasing the service of having us trade the card from the DSportscards account on either of the  apps.  You can verify card details of cards by looking up our account. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no physical sports cards associated with this website or the Panini mobile apps.  We only sell digital sports cards.

Once you make a purchase, our account (dsportscards) will open a trade with you for the cards you purchased. The trade will be posted as soon as possible.  We will then send a notification to the email you provide at checkout.

Our official policy is that we make the trade within 1 business day of purchase date, Monday through Friday. However, in most cases, we can make the trade within an hour if you make a purchase between 8AM and 6PM CST, Monday through Friday.  We will make trades on weekends if we are available. You can always check with us first.  Contact us via Facebook Messenger or fill out our contact form. 

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Required Apps

- A mobile device (phone or tablet)
- Internet connection
- Panini Dunk™ NBA Digital Basketball Card Mobile App
- Panini Blitz™ NFL Digital Football Card Mobile App
- A user account on one or both of the apps

Steps to Complete the Purchase & Trade

Step 1: Register for an Account on

You will be able to register and create your account name and password.  You provide us details including your userrname on the apps.  You will not be able to change your username. 

New accounts need approval. We have to verify that you have an active account on the apps and that you are in good standing in the community. 

We also want to make sure no one buys cards thinking they are physical sports cards.  Once approved, you will receive an email and you can proceed with purchasing cards. 

Step 2: Shop for Cards and then Purchase the card(s)

You can browse our online store. You can also go the dsportscards account on the apps. Sometimes this is helpful to view in the app to find out if its a card you need. We also recommend that you follow the dsportscards user account in either or both apps.

Select cards from our shop by adding cards to your cart then finalizing the purchase at checkout when ready.

You must always verify your Blitz and Dunk username each time you purchase.

Your card will be billed by Growth Engine Pro

Step 3: We will verify payment and start a trade.

Once we verify that payment went through, we will find your account and open a trade in the appropriate app (s).

Our goal is to get these trades posted as soon as possible, but within 1 business day. If you purchase between 9AM and 4PM CST, Monday through Friday, then its likely we'll get the trade posted within an hour.  If its evening, night or weekends in the U.S., it could take longer. 

The trade will come from our dsportscards account.

Step 4 : Once we have trades set up we send an email.

You will receive an email update once we have set up the trades inside the app.

Step 5 : Trade us a common card to complete the trade

The Panini app requires that users at least trade 1 card to each other. At this moment, we can trade 4 cards to you on the Dunk app and 9 cards on the Blitz app.  If you order more than the max trade amount then we will make multiple trades.

We recommend that you send us a low value common card (no patch, no auto, no insert). Customers often use the base Blitz or Dunk brand cards. Do not send any high value cards in the trade.

Step 6 : Verify the trade

Please check to make sure the trade is correct and remember to accept the trade.

We take a screen capture video of all transactions showing the trade, front/back of each card, both user account names and the screen capture of the successful trade.  This allows us to provide full transparency in case we make a mistake and also provides necessary proof to challenge any credit card chargebacks.

Once the trade is completed we will send an email notifying you that the trade and order is complete.

Step 7: Contact us if you have any questions or concerns

If you have an issue with the cards or you believe a mistake was made, let us know and we'll check it out. 

We do not provide refunds on successful trades of the exact card you purchased.

However, if we actually make a mistake (such as trading the wrong card or trading a card to the wrong account), then we will fix the issue and get you the card you ordered. If we cannot fix our mistake, then we will provide a refund. 

Step 8: Lets Have Fun & Build the Community

The site owner is a well known member of the community. My personal Blitz and Dunk account is RZ. Please follow me on the apps.

Let's have fun and trade!

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