Using the New Trade Match System in Blitz

The NFL Blitz app introduced a new trade match system. Its different than the old system that is still being used in Dunk. I believe Dunk will be adding the new system soon.

The old system was an open trade where you just posted 1-4 cards and everyone could make offers. We usually see 200+ cards on the open trade market. The downside is that when you posted trades, most of the offers were bad and I’d only get 1 good trade for every 20 I posted. Therefore, I rarely used the open trade system. It took too long to post trades and get little out of it.

The new trade match system is for targeting specific cards. You can also trade 9 cards, which is a nice upgrade from 4 max in the old system.

The new trade match system takes some time to figure out but its much better for finding cards to complete older sets. Its also ideal for finding numbered cards. If you open packs, you will invetiably end up with good numbered cards for players that you don’t want. You can identify similar quality players at similar card counts and trade them for your cards. In this video, I show you how I use the trade match system by looking at my collection then targeting a specific card. I’ve made over 100 trades the past month which is more than I’ve made in the past year in the oold open trade system.